Thursday, October 9, 2008

growing seasons

While the growing season for my garden is coming to a close, there is one bit of growing that will continue into the cozy months ahead. (Perhaps I need to cut back on the pumpkin spice lattes, or else there could be more growing than I bargained for?)
Yesterday Shawn and I had the privilege of watching our littlest pumpkin in black and white, twisting and tumbling around in my belly. This one is definitely a mover with strong opinions about being poked and prodded. We saw a sweet little face, a strong heart beating away and four busy hands and feet. Shawn thinks he saw some other "parts" as well. I'm pretty sure he saw an umbilical cord. Feel free to make your own guess but there is nothing in this picture to give it away...


  1. thanks for sharing the pic! i am thinking it is a boy ... but that's just my guess!!

  2. {Cute Picture!) Yah, baby!! At first I thought you were saying twins since you said "more growing than you bargained for". I'll make my guess of girl.

  3. What I see is a beautiful baby Campbell! Yea!!!

  4. Another beautiful Campbell baby! Would we have thought any differently? :)
    I love the pictures - BOTH of them. You're so creative!
    Where is the blue background that you're standing against? Is that in your home?

  5. The blue wall is my dining room - it's actually a dull gray/blue but something crazy happened with that photo. I snapped it with my point and shoot and the bright sun was coming in the windows so all the colors went kind of neon.
    I'm thinking that wouldn't be a bad color to use somewhere though :)

  6. That photo of you is stunning! The colors are amazing and I love your hands. I think that is my fave body part on most people... they just tell so much of our story. Do you mind if I use that pict on my blog???

    I love how you said that you two were privileged to see your little one. Such a beautiful choice of words.

  7. Love it!! What a great sono picture!

    Many blessings your way-

  8. Yay!!! I read a while back that you were pregnant but haven't had a chance to write and tell you congrats!!! How wonderful!! I have a feeling it's a girl....

    And....I will have to check out the photo websites you really take amazing pictures. And yes, I agree that part of the key is taking A LOT of them....although Dean thinks I'm crazy because of how many I take!


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