Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more hats

I told you I make a lot of hats. I really like these winter baby woollies with their little rows of puff stitches. Can't you see the sweet red rosette matching some baby girl's Christmas attire perfectly? I was working on trying my hand at something other than hats (see the Dancing Shoes) and then I learned to knit...

Yes, it is another hat -but a knitted hat! The owner of our local yarn shop graciously agreed to teach a beginner's knitting class for military wives on base. I was nervous about arranging the class, afraid of no one signing up and being forced to realize that I am in fact the only person interested in learning. But that was not the case! We had a great turnout and a lot of fun laughing at each others first (and second and third...) attempts at cotton washcloths. We then tried our hardest to concentrate on these hats (knit two, purl two, knit two, purl two...) while enjoying some adult conversation. I am looking forward to filling many winter evenings this year by the fire with my knitting friends. Maybe I'll even make something other than a hat. Maybe.


  1. I love the white one with the flower! I love pictures of babies wearing fun hats, too.

    I don't think I have your email. Leave me a comment on my blog and I won't publish it. Or send it to me on Facebook.

  2. Um, Hi there Miss Craftsy!
    What's next on your list of homemade crafts to conquer, I wonder? Basketweaving? Quilting? Painting? You sure are a busy little bee!
    The hats are adorable, by the way. I'd like a scarf, please. :)

  3. Oh don't pat me on the back too much. Today I realized I completely goofed on my knit hat and somehow managed to get my work turned around backwards about half-way through so I now have a weird puffed stripe running around it at the middle. Hard to explain.
    There will be a photo.

    p.s. Miss Sara, you're the crafty one...I seem to recall two GORGEOUS blankets given to my children, some amazing artwork on photo mats, super skills at photo shop and digital scrapbooks...need I go on?


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