Tuesday, October 28, 2008

poor hat

Well, I guess I should have expected as much from my first knitting project. Somehow, I managed to get my work turned around in the middle and stitched several rows backwards before I realized it. The result is this goofy little ridge around the hat, making a very cute pattern very, well, not-cute. This is what comes of knitting during the kids bath time (Knit, knit, knit, Tristan stop throwing water at Kenna! Knit, knit, knit, Kenna stop jumping on Tristan! Knit backwards, knit backwards, knit backwards....) Oh, well.
I find that after a failed project it's good to quickly move on to an easy-to-accomplish project in order to keep myself motivated. So, I crocheted this...

I have actually failed at this pattern twice. Once I figured out how to decrease (thanks to those testy little shoes) I came back to it and realized it was actually very simple. Thank you, Christie, for the pattern! I feel better about life with yarn now and have picked the knitting needles back up for another go. Tristan asked for a hat. I am making another hat. Oh dear, I can't stop.


  1. Adorable! And I don't think the knitted hat looks terrible - just unique! But, I agree, that crochet hat pattern is perfect for when you need a crafting success - it's easy, fast, and cute. I already have two (one small in wool and one a bit bigger in cotton) for our springtime baby. Maybe you could teach me a little knit and purl while you're here in Chicago??

  2. Is CinC having a springtime baby????

    I need some skills like you Day girls!

  3. Hello there brickmomma,
    I should just email you directly, but yes we are expecting # 3 in April. :) Hope you and yours are well!

  4. That is such a cute little hat on Kenna! I took a knitting lesson about a year ago... still haven't done anything besides practice and it has been awhile since i practiced. Do you think knitting or crocheting will end up being easier? I need to start on that... too many projects too little time...


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