Saturday, May 17, 2008

stars and sand

We're headed to the beach today. I think Shawn is OK with going to play in the sand since he won't be wearing this or carrying that...

A former Texas A&M quarterback-turned Marine Corps JAG officer was in the desert with Shawn and passed on a Texas flag when he arrived. I thought the picture Shawn took of it in his tent looked pretty cool...

Speaking of Texas, we'll be making a visit in a few weeks! The next month will be full of sailing classes, a trip to Texas, a family conference in the Pennsylvania mountains and plenty of lazy days at home. Shawn is home and summer is this is nice.


  1. What's that on his helmet?
    When we lived in New Mexico, we had 'swamp coolers' instead of air conditioning - so is that a cooling unit for his head?

    Anyhow... great pictures! :) I hope you guys had a great time at the beach, and your garden looks gorgeous by the way!

  2. when you come to texas perhaps we could jog a lap........or at least meet for coffee or playing! you could bring your kiddos to my inlaws....if you'll be out there!


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