Friday, May 2, 2008

berries for jam

Yesterday we left the house with every intention on going to the grocery store. Half way there, however, there is a big white sign with a big red strawberry painted on it that we just couldn't pass by...

After picking some berries and visiting the new piglets, Nice Grampa Farmer even took us for a little ride around the property on his golf cart to see the chickens and turkeys and bee hives. On such a perfect spring day this was way better than the grocery store...

We now have two fresh jars of jam and a good supply of berries for snacking...but no milk or toilet paper. So today we are off to the store again.
I think I better take another route.


  1. What fun! Definitely better than grocery shopping. I can't wait for strawberry season . . . but it's still two months away for us. On another note - aren't farmer's hands amazing? I wonder if you could crop that last photo to show just the soft baby chicks in those work-hardened hands.

  2. Yep - way better than grocery shopping! HOW FUN!! What a great, unexpected adventure! (plus you had your camera with you - bonus!)
    Oh, and I love those little piglets!

  3. Milk and TP . . . $7.56
    A personally guided tour of the farm and strawberry picking with two of the cutest kids this side of the Missippi . . . Priceless!

    And Kenna wearing a strawberry outfit nonetheless!


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