Sunday, May 4, 2008

air show

Smoke and stunts are great but they are no match for The Big Iron we are so proud of...

It would have been nice to have our favorite pilot with us at the show to answer the endless questions of a curious little boy but at least I was able to say "very soon, daddy can answer that for you!"
The latest "official word" is telling us we will be welcoming Dad home on the 13th. Days and times usually change as the big moment gets closer but at least we are close. We are so close!


  1. Awesome! I used to love going to airshows as a kid...brings back some cool memories, especially of one particular airshow we went to up in Wisconsin (we lived near Osh Kosh).
    Did you use a special filter/edit coloring on the last two stunt shots? I love the color...
    Looked like a great day to enjoy the outdoors, too!

  2. thanks :) I did use the Adobe Elements auto-fix on those...they were hazy, low contrast before.


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