Sunday, May 18, 2008

more on sand

In answer to Sara's that picture of Shawn, the lump on top of his helmet is a pair of big goggles. This is why a pair of big goggles might come in really handy in the desert...

How would you like to see that coming at you?! I'm guessing he took this picture just before ducking into a tent for cover...or at least putting on those goggles to continue watching the sand storm roll in.


  1. That makes so much more sense! :) Thanks for indulging my curiousity! After I left that comment, I actually clicked on the picture and enlarged it to try and figure it out. Believe it or not, goggles were my second guess...!!
    I can't imagine dealing with sand storms. Ugh!! Makes my eyes sting just thinking about it!

  2. What a beautiful photo with the pink in the middle and the green toward the edge. But scary too. Wow, I can't imagine what I would feel seeing that heading my way. BTW, Kelli, this month's Martha Stewart Living mag has a whole article on Mountain Laurel! I learned so much. You should check it out - I could totally see a domesticated mountain laurel bush in that backyard of yours. Oh, and I plan to send photos of my "urban garden" soon, too. Think south facing window boxes growing lettuce and herbs and petunia window boxes on the back porch. :)


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