Sunday, May 25, 2008

blue sky days

Today is gorgeous, warm, and perfect for sailing. Obviously.
Today I am home, indoors, waiting for one child to finish his lunch while the other sleeps the day away in her crib. Yesterday, the kids were happily playing at a friend’s house while Shawn and I were sitting on a dock in our swimsuits, wrapped up in blankets and towels, learning about the great adventure that is sailing in the freezing rain. We enjoyed it thoroughly but at the same time wanted desperately to be indoors and warm.
Shawn is out enjoying day 2 of sailing class on his own since there were no sitters to be found this holiday Sunday. We will all troop out later to join him (if little sleeping beauty ever decides to wake up -why does she only sleep this long when I don't want her to?) Hopefully we will do some trading off between boat time and kids-on-dry-land time so we can both become expert sailors in a day. Is that expecting too much? Right.
Well, I will let you know how the sailing goes. At least I know I’ll have a chance to take some pretty pictures of boats and blue skies.

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