Monday, May 26, 2008

sailing ABCs

Athwartships. Batten. Clew. Daggerboard. Ease. Forestay. Gunwale. Halyard. In Irons. Jibe. Keel. Luffing. Masthead. Navigation. Outhaul. Port. Queasy. Rudder. Spinnaker. Telltales. Unrig. Vang. Windward. X. Y. Z. (I can't think of any x y or z terms but I'm sure they exist!)
There are so many fun words associated with sailing and so many of them make you want to use a growling pirate voice which is OK when you have a four year old boy.
We learned a lot this weekend about sailing. For instance, just because it is May don't assume it will be warm and sunny and how to say things like jibe ho! Also, how not get knocked in the head by the boom after someone yells jibe ho! Most importantly, we found out we make a great sailing team and we really want to share this with our kids.
We have lived on three different coasts in the last 5 years and every time we spend a day on the waterfront or even just drive over the river we feel a pull. We want to be out there. We've learned a little, but we know there is so much more. We want to find the X Y and Z, and we want to find them together.

But we're going to need a bigger boat.

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  1. I'm sitting here with Mom looking at your blog, and she is so amazingly JEALOUS of y'all right now - she has always wanted a little sunfish sailboat.
    So, if/when you upgrade to a bigger boat and you know of someone who wants to sell a sunfish, you know who to call! :)
    Looks like fun! Was there any question that you would make a good sailing team?!?


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