Friday, September 16, 2011

pieces of something (and a book winner!)

Wow did I love hearing from you all on Sunday's post. Isn't it amazing how many different stories in the world can center on one moment in time? That moment in American history has changed and defined and woven together the courses of so many, and all those millions of stories are pieces of a bigger story aren't they? Isn't everything?
The Bible tells us that story, the one about who God is and all that He has done; and as a result, we know who we are. We may never be able to fully understand all these pieces of the bigger picture that we live in but we can rest in the assurance that His purpose is unfolding, and that His story is one that ends in restoration. That's good news in a world torn apart by terror and famine.
pieces of something
So about that book giveaway. I swished the numbers around in a random number generator stuck in my virtual hand and pulled out the number 6. That means commenter number 6, Lisa, you are the winner! (Lisa happens to be a fantastic author herself as you may remember. She blogs here and recently had some beautiful thoughts on fear and being a marine's wife posted on Her.meneutics.) Congrats, friend! I pray this little volume is a blessing as you and Nathan prepare for deployment.
I hope you will all check out Faith Deployed...Again and be encouraged by this community where you play an important part.

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