Wednesday, September 14, 2011

knock and the door...

"Some days I can just manage to breathe in God's direction and somehow, in the sacredness of that unspoken spoken, He breathes back. And, I've found, we can go a long way like that. Sometimes we wish prayer to be the rudder that changes the course of our entire lives. Yet I wonder if it's our hearts- through the small spokens, the actual truths, the directed breaths- that end up changing. And that's more the point than anything."

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  1. Another beautiful post and wonderful photo Kelli.

    I'm working on a new post with my blog open to enjoy the music too!
    Hope your photo editing is going well.

  2. Oooh, it's my rug! Love this photo! I would have never thought that a picture of a rug and a door could be so lovely.

  3. i love this photo! is that from crate and barrel? because i swear i was just admiring that print in a catalog ten minutes ago.

  4. hey Elizabeth! that's my sister's entryway and I was totally coveting her rug when I took the picture. I've admired it in the Garnet Hill catalog before but I think she got it somewhere else -could very well be at Crate and Barrel too.


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