Wednesday, September 7, 2011

to sum it up

her weekend happy place
Our weekend was relaxing, fun, and extra long.
We spent it with family and were able to celebrate two birthdays together -Lily turned eight and Shawn turned, well, more than eight.
Cousins swam past dark and giggled past midnight (but never, ever would they dare sleep past sunrise!) We watched movies and read books and ate too many cupcakes.
tutu swimmer
And when we came home, we were greeted by Fall, who apparently hitched a ride on the back of tropical storm Lee. We immediately opened all the windows and I've been in a fresh air delirium ever since.  
watch this!
I can't sit indoors for more than five minutes (so forget photo editing) and I can't seem to put two words together to save my life (I've been writing this little post for days). So I'll be back when my brain clears (or the weather goes back to it's regularly scheduled hot, whichever comes first). Right now, I have a garden to deal with. And a book to read on the porch. And a walk to take. And oh so many things that don't include a chair or walls or computer.......


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