Saturday, May 21, 2011

a book release party | Craving Grace

pretty Lisa
My friend, Lisa, recently published her memoir, Craving Grace. The book is every bit as lovely as its author (inside and out).
"Craving Grace"
At the party I most enjoyed listening to Lisa read her own words, out loud, carrying all their fullness of meaning and emotion. I love reading memoirs, so of course they take on a whole new life and meaning when you can attach to them a familiar face and voice.
Lisa in the spotlight
And Lisa's writing is beautiful. She is honest, thoughtful, and witty as she chronicles her experience of realizing her need for God's grace, and his willingness to freely and extravagantly give it. Her story is our story, the Story.
one of each, please
Her story is one of searching for sweetness and there was certainly no shortage of the sugary cake variety at this party (I tried the lemon and chocolate thankyouverymuch!)
book signing
I do hope Lisa's first ever book release party was one she'll not soon forget. I know I enjoyed it, and the chance to photograph such a special event.
books for signing
You can get to know Lisa at her blog and and pick up your own copy of Craving Grace.

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