Saturday, December 12, 2009

winter wonderland

Technically it is still Autumn, isn't it? Well, in these parts, Winter has certainly decided to settle in early. Tristan and I took a short hike/slide down to the frozen creek behind my parent's house. There was something magical about the quiet shadows, leaves frozen beneath the ice and the look in those blue eyes. He's in awe of winter, praying for more snow and so so eager for his cousins to join him here.


  1. I'm ready to bypass winter and go straight from fall to spring. It is nice looking at other people's snow pictures though. That last picture is a GREAT picture of Tristan.

  2. Ahh, more pictures for my collection. Thanks. I use your pics almost excusively for the church bulletins I create each week. I know you and the kids are having a great time at W.M. and Lexie's, and it will be even better when everyone else gets there. Changing subjects -- have you seen Julie & Julia? Julie creates a blog, cooks each of Julia Childs' recipes from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year, and blogs about the experience. I don't know if she quit after that time period and her readers had to find something else to do, but I hope you keep up yours for years to come. I still click on it each weekday morning before checking my e-mails. I'm hooked!!

  3. Sharon -I'd love to see one of those bulletins some time! I did finally get to see Julie & Julia this week and loved it. Made me want to try some Julia Childs recipes:)


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