Monday, December 14, 2009

O (crooked) Christmas Tree

We chose the tree and they delivered and set it up. How easy is that? (Especially since Grandad is recovering from a pretty serious hand surgery and the tree had a crooked trunk making it tricky to get in the stand) We strung the lights, carefully placed the ornaments, admired our lovely tree and tried to take a few pictures of the kids...

Once I gave up on getting a good photo, the kids went to sleep and Yiayia and I were all set to clean up and admire our handiwork. The tree was so pretty all sparkling red, white and gold by the cozy, glowing fireplace. What a sweet, pleasant Christmas memory.
Then the tree fell on me. It fell over completely. On me. Yiayia was vacuuming up the last of the pine needles so I had to scream really loud until she noticed my legs sticking out from under the pile of Christmas that was our tree. She ran over and lifted it off my head and we began the looooong process of making it stand up again. Darn that crooked tree...

In the end, poor Grandad with his gimp hand had to come to our aide along with some plywood, a hammer, nails and fishing line. Yes, our tree is tied to the walls. But it is sparkling and so lovely and already surrounded by gifts for the eighteen people who will soon gather around it. What a sweet, pleasant, hilarious Christmas memory.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible. Didn't our tree also fall down the last Christmas we were all together in KC??
    But it does look lovely. Hate to say it, but I'm so glad it fell on you and not the kids. They might have been lost entirely. :)

  2. WHOA!! Too funny... glad you weren't injured, or that it didn't fall on the kiddos when you were trying to take their pictures! I can just hear you and your mom laughing though, as she's pulling the tree off of you! :) The tree looks gorgeous, even tied to the wall!
    Mark, I hope you recover quickly from your surgery!!

  3. Gotta love those great Christmas memories! Shawn has a similar story from when he was growing up. They heard a crash in the middle of the night and found the tree on the floor. His dad nailed it to the floor:o)

  4. OMG - so funny! I mean it's kinda sad... but definitely made a story worth retelling every year! And it IS a beautiful tree :)

  5. What? Where's the pic that your mom snapped before she dug you out from under the tree? :) It looks like you're having a great time in KC! Enjoy!


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