Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There's going to be a wedding... just ten days!

My brother, Nathan, will be marrying his love, Amanda, on January 2nd, 2010!

These two are so adorably in love and we are thrilled to be welcoming Amanda into the family.
Congratulations and love to you both!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Can't wait until the wedding.

  2. I agree with Sharon--beautiful pictures and can't wait until the wedding.

  3. Beautiful pictures, just like the couple! :) Did you take these, Kelli?
    So when will y'all head down my way? It's coming so soon!!

  4. I did indeed take the pics...I meant to watermark them. oops.

  5. GREAT pictures! How did the invites turn out?

  6. I looked at these pics on Shutterfly. Photography question -- what is moodypop and butterscotch vintage and the other labels like that on the descriptions. Is that a camera thing or a software editing thing? Are you using something other than Picasa? The pictures are wonderful. I could tell they were having fun. Don't you just love it when your subjects are comfortable in front of the camera -- makes our job easier, doesn't it?

  7. Sharon-
    the odd labels are referring to some actions I used in Photoshop Elements 6. I have had the program for a while and determined to use my Christmas break to get back into using it! Nate & Amanda's pictures were a good chance to practice. I'll post some more examples and links to the actions soon!
    the invites came out awesome!! I took pictures and plan on sharing after the wedding in a couple weeks.


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