Monday, December 7, 2009

movies and modge podge

Do you remember the Disney musical Babes in Toyland? You know, with Annette Funicello and the scary trees and the toy factory and the village dancers in brightly colored twirly skirts...I love that movie. So, I introduced it to my kids this year with a bit of trepidation but thankfully, they loved it too! We must have watched our Netflixed copy about six times in the last couple of weeks. During one of those viewings I sat and clipped pictures out of all our Christmas catalogs (I had to make good use of them before I stuffed them into the recycle bin -and do you know how relaxing mindless paper cutting can be?) Once I had a nice stack of clippings going, I turned the kids loose on some red paper with glue sticks and they created really great holiday art and gift packaging. Can't beat an easy movie and craft afternoon like that.
Now when would be a good time to introduce the girls to Pollyanna...?


  1. I have good memories of that movie too....but I remember so little of it. What a fun activity....this is something I would have thought I'd be doing with Grant by now, but he's apparently not very artistically inclined....I think he'd probably sit there for 30 seconds before getting up to run around. I guess I just need to keep trying!

  2. Great idea....I do that with coupons...just zone out with coupon clipping...but for things I need, of course.

    Pollyanna, I don't know...maybe 7?


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