Friday, December 4, 2009


We're still here! Things have been very quiet and very busy at the same time. We are getting ready to spend a month with my family in Kansas and the challenges and worries and details of leaving a house and a dog and getting on a plane with three little people and all our stuff has had me somewhat preoccupied. I don't know if it is a case of photographer's block or just a lack of time and energy but I have taken only a handful of photos in the past couple weeks and they aren't very good. But they do tell a story...they always do.
Like this one. I love her style. Anything goes, whether it's backwards plaid shorts and too-small boots or her baby sister's clothes. Yesterday she insisted on wearing the outfit I had chosen for Kate (because it used to be hers). I let her try it, sure it would be too small and the game would be over, but she's such a peanut it still fit! She just looked at me with her huge gap-toothed grin and said, "See?!" We had a good laugh and picked out something else for Kate.
Tristan is the sweetest boy I have ever known. Yes, I know I am his mom but if I wasn't I'm sure I would still feel that way. We have had some precious conversations in the past couple of weeks. His thoughts, his voice, his hugs and sheepish grin -all forever etched into my memories of my five year old son.
And this little one is an armful of pudgy, squishy, drooly, roly, poly, silly, giggly baby girl. One of my greatest joys these days is watching Kate play in the bathtub. She is all baby fat and happy squeals as she splashes and blows bubbles -you can't help but laugh with her.
So that's what I've been up to as the blog has sat in silence. Working on keeping these little priorities straight and looking forward to some good family time and Christmas. I have a feeling it's going to cure my photography block real quick!


  1. Love these pictures! Your posts always warm my heart, friend.

  2. How funny about Kenna and clothes.....Grant definitely doesn't ever try to wear any of Drew's clothes, even though he also knows that they used to be his. It must be something about little girls!

  3. It's good to hear from you again. I missed you all week. I can't wait to see everyone in Galveston next month.

  4. I think that all creatives go through an ebb and flow. Be gentle with yourself as you negotiate it all! You are right where you need to be. Sending you love.

  5. I've been wondering where you were my friend. I am excited that you are going to get to spend so much time with your lovely family.

    Thinking of you and sending out lots of love to you and your kiddos right this very moment.


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