Wednesday, August 12, 2009

scenes from a road trip

It was three days on the road. We made it with the help of the Chronicles of Narnia, some knitting, Speed Racer cartoons and whole lot of coffee.

We had a chance to visit with some very dear friends, spend a night in the "jungle hotel" with a pool for swimming out our wiggles and view an American landmark as we neared our destination.

It was a great trip -so much easier than we expected. The kids were amazing, the time was fun and we're just getting started.


  1. Ahhh... a well deserved vacation!!! That knitting looks to me like a blanket... could it be... you took the plunge?!!!:)

  2. Sounds like vacation has started off wonderfully! I look forward to more pictures!

  3. Aaah... Makes me *almost* itchy for a road trip (maybe even with kids)! :) I hope you are all having a fabulous time with your folks and family! ENJOY.


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