Wednesday, August 5, 2009

august garden | zinnia

red zinnia
I love Zinnias for so many reasons. They remind me of my dad's Texas garden. They bloom in a million different brilliant colors. Those tiny stars in their centers. They last forever inside and out. They attract butterflies -lots of them. They bloom right up until frost and then leave plenty of seeds to collect for the next season -because it just wouldn't be summer without the Zinnias.


  1. I would spend a week with cousin Terry Geye at Grandmother Geye's home in Lamkin. We generally spent ever day chasing, trapping and extinguishing big green lizards from around grandmother's large zinna beds --- somehow became bonded to those flowers --- tho am sure we did a lot of damage chasing lizards through her well-kept flower beds!
    luv d

  2. Love your new Zinnia picture! Such a great flower.


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