Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kansas city | faces

I have a thing for warm black and white. Not to be mistaken for washed-out Sepia, it is black and white -warmified. I tried to catch great natural face shots of family members at random times during our trip and I think a few of those "hey you, look here!" moments turned out OK. (p.s. you can get a better look at these if you click on them individually.)
Then there were the only slightly more planned portrait sessions with the babies. You know, rather than me saying "hey you, look here!" it was someone else saying "hey get your camera! The baby is awake let's get some pictures!" We would then traipse down to the basement to begin plopping babies onto a black backdrop while making obnoxious noises and arm movements in order to keep them happy and looking towards the camera. Maybe later I'll show you what was happening around the edges of some of these pictures!


  1. Adorable kiddos!! I love the posed family shot - can't keep my eyes away from Kenna and her little face :)

  2. So much fun and what a beautiful family.

  3. So sweet... W.M. and Lexie with all their grandchildren. Are you still using Picasa for your edits?

  4. I did use Picasa here -two clicks- "Black & White" then "Warmify".
    Joey in the tub is one of my favorites. It was the only way to keep him from crawling out of the frame:)

  5. LOVE these! They would make such a great collage wall... There are details in all of them I just adore - Joey in that tub (egads! is he not Brian Jr. or what!), Beau's precious muppet hair and Christie's grin, Nate's eyes, Kate's toes, T's cowlick, Lily's sparkly eyes, and of course your folks with ALL of their grandbabies...
    Great work, Mrs. Campbell!!

  6. Thanks for all the great pics! Miss you all so much. Lex's sewing machine is humming with Fox News....otherwise the scene is quiet here! Miss your sweet family. lov d
    p.s. now I'll have to buy a fishing license in order to go fishing since I'll not have the excuse of simply helping out a little 5yr 0ld at my side!!


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