Saturday, August 1, 2009

in the kitchen

The kids really wanted to help me bake a cake. I really wanted to let them but I also really wanted to make a good cake for the ladies coming over later. What to do?
Somehow, in the chaos of dragging chairs into the kitchen and getting out odd utensils and bowls to keep little hands busy, we happened upon a recipe for "fun dough" in Apples for Jam. This so-easy recipe requires no cooking like our usual play dough, so the kids made it from start to finish at the table and didn't even notice me in the kitchen, quietly making Lemon Cream Cake all by myself.

Oh man it was good. Thank heavens for girl's night and a good excuse to make something so decadent. The best part of the evening though? Definitely the company. We get so caught up laughing and talking over wine and sweets, I never remember to take good pictures. So watch out girls -next time the camera will be flashing.

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