Thursday, August 27, 2009

kansas city | are you tired of me yet?

Are you sick of reliving our summer vacation with us yet? I keep thinking I must stop bombarding you with photos from Kansas City (I myself am getting tired of the repetitive post title) but then I come across another great shot or moment or memory and I just can't help myself. So here we are -more. Sorry.
I thought I'd share a bit of what went into our family photo sessions. Mom and Dad have an awesome basement complete with a pool table, foosball, that giant tv, a kids toy corner, bunk beds that became jungle gyms...oh and a nice little open area behind the couch where we spread out my black backdrop and played photo studio. So, one session looked like this...
Hey! Beau is alert and happy listening to the blaring rock of Guitar Hero, I'll snap some pictures...

Score! Nothing to it! After such an easy success with one baby, we thought it would be great to get all the newest cousins together...
Don't you love how Kate is holding onto Beau's tiny leg and then Joey sat next to them all agreeable baby while they kicked and clawed each other?! Priceless, but let's try that again...

Um, nope. Just not happening, but I love that I caught the snapping fingers of Lisa and Nate as they tried to get the kids to "look here!" while all those arms were still in the picture and Jon rocked on with his World Tour just beyond the chaos. So, again...

As you saw yesterday, these ended up great but I love this before moment. Kate's face makes me crack up every time and Tristan has that look -the "seriously mom, do you really need so many pictures?" look.
I'm realizing some of these "bad" photos are my favorites in the bunch. It takes a family that really loves each other to go after good photos with such gusto. We laughed a lot and the resulting smiles are the real thing. Isn't that what a portrait should be all about?


  1. I'm not tired of your reminiscing about KC. I'm loving the pictures. I hope to receive notification that there's more to be seen on Shutterfly or Kelli Campbell Photography.

  2. I love all the photos of your family. I think that it's fun to see how our friends' families interact because it makes us realize we are all the same. Family time is much anticipated and always fun (no matter how hectic).

  3. I love these!! Like you said, sometimes the 'bad' ones are where the true personality shows through :)

  4. You are able to capture so much through your lense...I'm jealous.

  5. Keep em coming! Never get tired of family photos. You do a great job snapping pictures as well as narrating. So entertaining and wish I could have been there for all the fun.

  6. I love the KC series - it's helping with the inevitable "end-of-vacation" sadness.


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