Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our state flower is the Dogwood. You may have known that but did you know the state beverage is milk? Yep, and the state vegetable is the sweet potato. The state insect is the honey bee. The state rock is granite. We even have a state boat -the Shad boat. I could go on. I had no idea one state had so many symbols. Do you know your state's most interesting symbols?


  1. No, I don't know all my state's facts, but I do know I love your pictures.

  2. I decided to look up my states' symbols. The most interesting one was the Arizona state official neckware: the bola tie. I'm not making this up!

    They're not half as beautiful as your dogwoods!

  3. How about the 'cottonwood' for a state tree?....but we do have the Sunflower and our state song is: 'Home on the Range'!!...highest peak in Kansas is Mt. Sunflower -- a whopping 4039 feet! d

  4. Our state tree and flower is dogwood, too. I love the bit of pink on your last picture.

  5. my favorite random ones for Texas are Cooking implement: cast iron dutch oven and Vehicle: chuck wagon. :)

  6. -Pink dogwoods are one of my favorite trees!
    -Our state bird is the Cardinal.
    -Arizona's bola tie and the Texas chuck wagon made me laugh out loud -these are good. Keep 'em coming :)


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