Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this man of mine

Shawn may be home but he is very rarely home. He commutes to work over an hour away, taking a dirt forestry road to save a little time. His job is not exactly a 9-5 either, more like 5-9...on a good day. Once a week or so he just stays at work so he can get some sleep. He came home on Saturday morning after two nights away only to get word that this weeks Detachment would be going a day early. He was home less than 24 hours before getting back into his dusty Subaru and taking off for a week out of state. He should have about 24 hours home next weekend before leaving on yet another Det.
So what did he do with his precious few hours at home on a beautiful Saturday you ask? He helped me in the garden.
I have been frustrated to tears by rabbit destruction, the dog's digging, plants purchased only to be frost bitten the same night not to mention my lack of free hands or time. He knows how I love to be outside, he knows how I love my garden, he knows...but he saw my heart drop every time I stepped out the back door and he came to my rescue. I love this man.
I stepped out my back door today and I smiled.


  1. And that's what it is all about! This post made me smile!

  2. Great husband, great kids, great garden, great yard minus a few weeds;) God is so good isn't he?!!!

  3. oh and great neighbors!!! hehehe


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