Monday, April 27, 2009

another miracle named Kate

Three weeks after our little Kate was born, my dear friend and neighbor, Christy, welcomed her own sweet Kate into the world. No, we didn't plan the name thing -but we think it's pretty cool that it worked out that way. Kate is beautiful and after I took these pictures I realized just how much she resembles her mom.
Christy is amazing. She is currently mothering three kids age three and under while her husband is serving in Iraq. She is the kind of friend you call on the phone when you feel like crying because you know you'll hang up laughing. She loves to read and garden (you may have read about our gardening fun and adventures last spring and you should have seen us cramming plants and compost into minivans last week). She knitted that sweet green blanket. She is intelligent and thoughtful and completely unaware of what a ray of sunshine she is to people around her.

I don't know what I'd do without your friendship, Christy. I can't wait to see you welcome your Marine home and introduce him to his newest baby girl. That day is so close! Till then, we'll just keep laughing at ourselves over coffee and nursing babes and steal away to the garden center whenever we can.


  1. Beautiful pics of a beautiful girl! LOVE those lips...

  2. I thank God for you all the time, Kel! You're a lifeline to sanity and laughter. To have you just down the street from me, now that's priceless! I dread the day the Marine Corps changes that! Thanks for being such a precious friend!


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