Tuesday, April 7, 2009

snowgoose in bloom

There is an incredible number of trees flowering in North Carolina right now. Cherries, Dogwoods, Red buds, Pears -not to mention the flowering shrubs and vines among them -Wisteria, Carolina Jessamine, Azaleas and so many things I don't know the names of. I think a trip to the nursery where I found my Snowgoose Cherry last year is in order for the weekend. Hopefully tonight's freeze will be our last?


  1. Today I planted a Methley Plum in our side yard....along with a dozen perrennials along the back rock-wall... including Leopard bane, buggleweed ajuga, creeping phlox, stone crop, columbine, candy tuff, blue fescue, hardy carnation, spendens armeria...almost like having a real garden!

  2. Oh, your snowgoose cherry is pretty! The blooms look a little different from the ones I see up here. I like it.

    I barely know what any of the plants up here are. I just make up names for them - a trait I get from my dad.


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