Wednesday, April 22, 2009

give us this day...

My sister sent me an amazing cookbook for my birthday. With its wealth of interesting information about food and where it comes from and how to use it, The River Cottage Family Cookbook is so much more than a book of recipes. It is truly a family cookbook and one that will be opened, read, followed and spilled upon many times by our little group. We christened it with olive oil as we tried our first recipe, a basic white bread. I've been in search of a good bread recipe for a while and have yet to find one I really love (or it might be that I have yet to learn how to make really good bread?) This loaf came out alright but since I'm comparing my efforts to the fresh baked heaven that can be purchased down the road at the little Mennonite family bakery well, I'll keep trying. I'm happy to keep watching my kids learning, giggling and licking honey from spoons held in their floured hands, whatever the result may taste like.


  1. I love good cookbooks! I just checked and my library has this one, so I'll have to give it a try.

    Cute pictures, and I love their tattoos.

  2. FUN!!!
    The bread looks delicious!

  3. Cool - we'll have to try it out!

    I love your gift for capturing those everyday ordinary moments and making them look beautiful.

  4. So excited to see you're enjoying the book! We don't have this one ourselves, but I'd read such good reviews . . . wish I could taste that bread. It looks picture perfect.

  5. Did YaiYai make Tristan's apron? And did the kids play tattoo parlor before they made bread? I can envision your bread loaf on a future church bulletin ;).

  6. Robin -I think I am jealous of your library. Ours never has the books I'm looking for!

    Sharon -Yiayia did make the kid's adorable aprons. Tristan always makes sure we each have one on before we cook.
    And yes, we will be playing tattoo parlor on a regular basis around here until their little books of tattoos run out:) Kenna runs up to strangers in the grocery store just to show off her buterflies.

  7. I was out today and saw this cookbook on sale, so I picked it up. I love getting new cookbooks. Yay! Let me know if there is anything good that I just have to try!

    (And yes, I do have a pretty good library up here. They almost always have what I am looking for no matter how obscure.)


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