Monday, November 3, 2008

the thankful tree

Just look at all the Fall on that table! The colors and bits of nature found in Autumn can inspire all kinds of fun projects. One in particular we have started is our first Thankful Tree. There has been a tradition in the Campbell household that I just love and wanted to continue in our home. Every year, Grams cuts out a big paper tree trunk and hangs it on the wall. Nearby, you are sure to find a basket of fall leaves, a marker and some tape. Daily, throughout the Thanksgiving season, family members and friends are encouraged to write something they are thankful for on a leaf and add it to the tree. It grows and grows and with it our awareness of just how blessed we are. Tristan helped me glue bits of brown paper bags together to make our tree trunk and everywhere we go lately we keep an eye out for good thankful leaves. We'll have to post more photos as our tree grows. I have always loved Grams' Thankful Trees and today I am thankful for the chance to share her gift with my children!

I will praise God's name in song and glorify Him with Thanksgiving.
Ps 69:30

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