Saturday, November 1, 2008

mom my ride

I finally had to admit that there was just no way I could fit one more child into the backseat of my dear old Subaru. I am now a mini-van driving soccer mom. I have mixed feelings about that. I wouldn't trade my awesome kids for a smaller car or any other title though - no way! - so I guess it doesn't matter how I feel about that. I must say, this new mom ride is nice. It didn't take long for the leather and the DVD and the power doors and the extra ten feet of space between my neck and Tristan's feet to convince me.
I have to point out that as I took this picture I was more interested in getting that pretty little Maple tree to show through the doors while Shawn was glued to the owner's manual in the front seat. I had to convince him that I really am happy with the car, but unlike him, pretty trees will always hold more fascination for me!

When you have a few minutes to laugh your head off, watch THIS.


  1. Congrats on the new van! It looks really nice and I'm sure it'll be so much more comfortable! I loved the video! That was hilarious!

  2. be able to drive without your firstborn son's feet jabbing you in the kidneys - from the backseat. Beautiful.

    Congrats on the new famvan!

  3. That clip is hilarious! Good luck withe new mom-mobile!!

  4. Oh my goodness. If there was ever any doubt about how glamorous being a mommy is... make sure that mom mobile take you and Shawn on a date night or two! I love the tree, it was the first thing I saw when I looked at the photo.

  5. i LOVE my honda minivan.....power doors are incredible! and we have headphones to watch the dvds with... LOVE IT!

    I honestly rarely think about what I am driving while I am in it, have never had much of a problem with the minivan is a MUST with three kids!


  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Mini-vans!!


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