Sunday, November 16, 2008

the belly of the ball

Every year the Marine Corps celebrates November 10th across the world with cake cutting ceremonies and Birthday Balls. I may complain about needing to find a sitter or drive to whatever far-away location the unit has chosen this year but in the end I enjoy it. I enjoy the chance to see my husband in those sharp dress blues, to get dressed up and feel human myself for a few hours, to listen with pride to the Commandants annual speech and, of course, to watch that one ever-present retired couple, she in her sequins and he in his kilt, tearing up the dance floor. It may be an adults-only affair but I realized this year that I have managed to take every one of my babies to a Marine Corps birthday ball! I am so proud of Shawn, the honorable Marine Corps history he is a part of and the chance to pass this legacy on to our children.

(photos by Shawn and Brittney -our wonderful friend who watched the kids!)


  1. you are beautiful!!! and your hubby is good lookin' too!

  2. You look beautiful! I love how you honor your hub and the other Marines in your blog. And I love the pic of you and the belly! And now you get to eat AS MUCH as you want at Thanksgiving because you are eating for TWO!


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