Saturday, November 22, 2008

gift giving solved

We draw names in my extended family for Christmas gift giving. This has been such a fun tradition and I think we all enjoy shopping for one great gift for someone rather than stressing over buying for everyone.
This year, Shawn and I have Christie and Jon (my sister and brother-in-law). We were really stressing over what to get them until I found this great pattern on Ravelry! Oh and then as an added bonus, we'll do a photo shoot so they can show them off...

Jon's birthday is on Christmas day and it's really not cool to give one gift for both, so I think this will do. I really like that these are sweaters that you can tuck in to your pleated pants. Genius...

See you soon, Jon and Christie!


  1. Wow. All I can say is, I'm glad that your knitting skills haven't yet progressed to the level that you can whip up bulky sweaters with ease.

    :) Christie

  2. Kelli,

    This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Where is the line to wait for one of these coutoure sweaters?! I'll pay big bucks, promise!! :)

  3. I was cracking up when I read this last night! Those are great photos!!

  4. Didn't Christy have glasses like that at some point in her past? If they get the sweaters, I think they need the hair styles to match.

  5. Hey, no fair bringing up my old glasses!! :) But too true, I'm afraid.

  6. Is that Hugh Jackman?? If The Sexiest Man Alive is wearing it, then it must be stylin'!

  7. Such a funny post! Be sure and send pictures of Christie and Jon modeling their Christmas/Birthday sweaters!


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