Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago! The big kids and dads are enjoying the holiday parade in VIP bleacher seats downtown right now so turn on WGN and look for Jon, Shawn, Tristan, Lily and Thaddeus in the 2nd set of bleachers! The moms and Kenna are home in a warm (and quiet!) kitchen cooking a gourmet turkey meal. Of course we are both pregnant and a little scatter brained so we have warned the family that some part of this meal may not go as planned -but so far so good! Pictures are being taken, food will be enjoyed, the city will be explored and eventually I will get around to many posts sharing the fun!
We are missing and thinking of our families and friends celebrating all over the country today and wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Happy Happy Thanksgiving Day family- broadened as it is!

    LOVE to you-


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