Thursday, August 14, 2008

what's in the bowl now

Since my last project is finished and ready to be sent to my nephew-to-be with love (once I have gathered a few extra goodies -there must be some element of surprise!), my bowl now holds new things. The beginnings of a creamy blanket for my own winter wee one and a sweet pink hat just because I loved the colors in this wool. In fact, I like the hat so much -and it was so quick and easy- I think I'll go back for blue to make a set. We won't know if baby Campbell will need pink or blue until the big day so I might as well be prepared.
I have a feeling I need to get used to saying those words to people (we're not finding out...we're not finding out...we're not finding out...) but I am so excited about experiencing that moment of surprise and hearing the words, It's a ____! That is one of the warm thoughts in my head as I work on the warm tiny things in the bowl now.


  1. How exciting that you're going to wait!! Love the cute little pink hat too!

  2. The hat is precious - where did you find the pattern? I never did send you my hat pattern - I'm taking it with us to KC, so maybe I can send it from there.

  3. We loved not finding out with our #3! It makes the hard parts a bit easier, that anticipation!!!!!

    Did you find out with the other two?

    I love your yarn, too.

  4. We did find out with both Tristan and Kenna so this is a new experience -but easier than I thought it would be to wait.

    And yes, Christie, I am still hoping to get that pattern from you one of these days! In fact I might prefer to do your pattern for a blue hat.


  5. Hey Kelli-
    I saw a very pregnant chic wearing a shirt that said "not finding out". you might want to invest in one of those for the fall. It was pretty cute...


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