Friday, August 1, 2008

indoor gardening

Since I haven't been able to drag myself outside to work in the heat for the past month, the garden has been left to fend for itself. You've already seen how that worked out for the Gardenfort and the Lilies. Things were a little depressing there for a bit.
In my brief moments of wellness this week, however, I have managed to go outside and see what's happening. Turns out, the late summer, heat loving flowers and grass are really starting to thrive and things are looking up. I even spent one day moving the sprinkler around in order to water every inch of green space out there. Of course two straight days of rain settled in immediately after. It figures.
I've decided the best garden activity for me right now is to spend about five minutes outside with my scissors...and the rest of the day sitting with a book near a bright bouquet.

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