Friday, August 29, 2008

summertime library days

I have fond childhood memories of summertime trips to the library. Often it was our babysitter, Catherine, who took my sisters and I on what felt like such a long trek to the downtown Bryan library. We read Amelia Bedelia, learned how to play checkers, stood mesmerized at the sound of the card punch machine as we checked out our books (oh how I miss that machine!) and then we would stop for dripping, sticky snow cones on the way home. Now I know what a blessing that girl was to my mom, allowing her those afternoons of peace! I bet she had no idea we would remember those library days even now as we are old enough to take our own children on that downtown excursion. If only my little downtown had a J.J.'s snow cone stand, summer library days would be complete.


  1. Oh how I miss that place too! Everything you said brought back such memories. I loved that machine too and don't forget ringing the bell! We don't have snow cones here and I've been craving one all summer.

  2. There's nothing as satisfying as the punch of that library card machine. Wonder where I can get one?

  3. The bell!!! Oh my goodness, how could I forget the big bell?!
    Thank you, Lacy, for making my memory more complete :)


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