Saturday, August 23, 2008

kenna talks too...sometimes

"Boo!" said the cute baby girl in her summer dress and almost-too-small turquoise sandals.
For a little girl of few words those she does choose to say are usually very cute.
One I hear a lot lately is "Eyes!" In the tub it means there is water in my eyes! In the car it means the sun is in my eyes! And most other moments it means my hair is in my eyes!
Not one to waste words as long as she gets her point across.


  1. "Boo" seems appropriate for Miss Kenna! She reminds me of the little girl in the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. - you know, the one nicknamed Boo?
    Especially when she wears those cutie-pie pigtails or ponytail...

  2. I love this picture. I wish I could just come there and hang out with that little one. And the rest of you all too, of course!

    Yes, it was in the Great Hall and it was wonderful. Probably my favorite concert as of yet. I like that your parents got married there ... what a perfect place for it! My friends Cathy and Jennifer and I talked about wishing we had all gotten married there as we were leaving last night ...


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