Thursday, August 7, 2008


A pleasant surprise from another plant I did not expect to bloom. I must stop being so skeptical.


  1. Pretty! How big it is? I only ask because my uncle grew something similar looking in his yard, and they had huge blooms. Kinda like that massive dandelion in one of your pictures.

  2. Yes! I think they call those "Dinner Plate Dahlias". At least I think I saw that somewhere.
    My sister, Lisa, in Washington sent pictures of some in a public garden there recently.
    Mine are not the mutant variety...this one is about the size of my palm :)

  3. LOVE these! I tried growing one a couple years back, but I killed it somehow. Not much of a surprise, there. :)

  4. I just looked back at my pictures I took of his flowers, and I think they are the same thing. He lives in Washington state as well, so maybe they just like the cool, rainy weather and get really really huge.


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