Friday, March 1, 2013

winter shore

winter chill
After a week of rain, we needed to escape. We needed to breathe deep, feel sunshine on our faces, dig bare toes in cold sand. It was like crawling out of a dark winter hole, standing there under that great big blue sky...
beach combers
We flew a kite in the chill wind. Well, we tried. Turns out stunt kites are not easy to fly but we gave it a good effort and Tristan sure made it look good...
let's go fly a kite
The girls can't resist ocean waves no matter how cold. I brought many towels, extra pants, warm socks. I tried not to stomp on their fun as I watched them, laughing and brave...
cold water! cold water!Pockets were filled (and I do mean filled) with shells. Today the dryer is rattling and bowl of sandy treasure sits on the table...
"look mom!"
Playing on that quiet shore, we felt fresh air and chill water wash away blues we didn't even know we carried. Tangled kite strings and sandy shoes and even the little one's fever bug couldn't dampen our spirits. We needed this.
love them * feb 28, 2013
And now today? Today is new.
Hello, March.


  1. Oh, I could go for some sunshine and bare feet.
    Love that last photo!

  2. What a gloriously open beach you were able to enjoy!
    That first photo of Katie and the one of Tristan with the kite... Stunning. The last one of all three together is priceless! :)

  3. your pictures, those kids, that ocean beach, just BEAUTIFUL. you are one blessed Mamma that's for sure


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