Wednesday, March 13, 2013

it's a...!

it's a boy
Boy! The big brother couldn't be more thrilled. After praying for almost three years (sometimes through tears -but don't tell him I told you), my sweet nine year old is getting the little brother he hoped for. And I will be reminding him of those prayers when baby brother starts crawling into his room to destroy Lego creations and eat paperbacks.
The rest of us are equally excited, although poor Kate is a bit confused. She is sure we will "get the baby" any minute now and not till August is apparently difficult concept for a four year old to grasp.
Naming a child with older, opinionated siblings in the house is also proving to be a fun experience. We haven't decided anything yet, but the kids have offered up some really great ideas. Tristan actually wrote me a whole list of boys names the day he found out a baby was on the way. The girls' input has been less helpful but lots of fun. Their list includes, Milk Face, Curious George Campbell, Leddy, Kejal, Bana, and Peter.
For now, we are all content to lovingly call him baby brother...


  1. This is one of those posts that needs to be filed under the "feel good" category, to be pulled up and read on a day that's gloomy. Baby Bro has the sweetest little profile, and I'm sure HE will be another gorgeous addition to your beautiful family! So loved!
    For what it's worth, I'm a bit partial to the girls' suggestion of Curious George. "C.G. Campbell" has a great little sound to it. ;)

  2. Milk Face does have a ring to it:o) So happy for you all!


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