Saturday, February 23, 2013

speedy, taco, and mock

money bags
picking their fish
They walked in with bags of coins counted out of savings jars -just enough for one fish each. They picked out their new pets and the store clerk took her time chasing down each specific fish they pointed at (how could she even tell? I wouldn't have had that kind of patience.) We then paraded through the checkout line with our handfuls of coins and elementary math skills and newly bagged fish and big smiles.
one each
At home the fish were settled into their new home in the boy's room, they were fed, they were watched, and they were named (speedy, taco, and mock -nope, I have no idea.) I never knew a fish tank could generate such excitement but when they begged for sleeping bags I couldn't help but indulge. Three happy campers went to bed under the bubbles and glowing blue light.
still watching


  1. oh how I loved all the little pets I had growing up. My favorite was also going to sleep with my fish tank night light. Sweet memories for these three

  2. Did you already have the fish tank and added new fish to it? We just got the boys fish for Christmas. 3 of the 5 have died. Fish are about the only pet I can handle right now. :)

  3. Kevin loved his fish tank and fish. He just a few years ago gave up on keeping one going. I remember the fun of taking him to pick out his fish before he could drive. Good memories. Love this post and pictures of your sweet little ones.
    Aunt Katherine

  4. So cute! Lily would be jealous (despite her kitties and chicks). She keeps asking for fish.

  5. This made me smile. My boy had a fish named 'Speedy Spot Hot Shot' and would always quickly explain "Hot Shot is his last name"


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