Monday, March 4, 2013

winter white drifts

...of sand, that is. Looking at the dunes, I started thinking about the snow piled up in a similar fashion around the homes of many friends and family to the north. We love snow and on rainy, muddy winter days stuck indoors, the kids dream about sledding in Kansas. I have trouble not being jealous of anyone experiencing a real winter, but I realize on days like this -sunny days, barefoot on the beach- that I am grateful. Or I need to be more grateful. I am thankful for sunshine and blue ocean and pockets full of sea shells. I'm thankful for trips to the park in short sleeves. I'm thankful for a low utility bill! And today especially, I'm thankful for the ability to holler, "everyone outside!" when things get a little too crazy in the house, and out they go, quickly, with no lost mittens to find or coats to wrestle into. Yes, for this, I am very thankful.

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