Monday, May 23, 2011

things with roots

mona lavender plectranthus
We're back here in Jacksonville, Florida after a successful house-hunting excursion to Pensacola. Shawn and I looked at something like ten properties in the area before settling on the very first one we were shown (therefore I've decided house hunting is much like wedding dress shopping.) The house is cute (despite its need for new floors and new paint and less wall-paper), and it will soon be the place we call home. I must say, I am most excited about the yard. It is big and green and full of trees and flowerbeds that we can't wait to make our own.
I've been looking around Christie's garden, learning the Florida plants and, I must admit, envying her vegetable beds, all the while growing more and more excited about becoming a garden-owner again. Beverly Nichols explained it well in Merry Hall when he said,
"It is ridiculous to rent things if you are a gardener; it fidgets you. Even a very long lease is upsetting. I once owned a house with a 999 years lease, and it gave me an unbearable sense of being a sort of week-end guest; it hardly seemed worth while planting the hyacinths."
Yes, it will be good to once again sink our hands into a plot of soil we call ours, and, even though it may only be for a little while, to enjoy the feel of roots.
morning glory
container garden

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