Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm here, just busy...

I'm working on the last of some recent portrait sessions that you can check out over HERE. I love that I had one more chance to photograph this cute family before they moved (we are supposed to move too but I am still just too busy to deal with that...)
N. family 6
I think this is one of my favorite shots -how perfect are Faye's pink ruffles in front of that gorgeous azalea? It was not planned at all yet oh-so-perfect!
It's killing me to say goodbye to the flowers and still-cool air of Virginia almost as much as my friends. (I said almost.)
baby Faye
It is getting harder and harder to ignore this whole moving thing as the trucks keep rolling by and the goodbyes keep having to be said. I have one more portrait session to edit though, so I'm just going to sit here at my little blue desk next to my open window and deny it for a teeny bit longer.

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