Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nightlife pensacola

I'm a little behind on my project 52. I have the photos, I just haven't kept up with the choosing or loading or entering into the group pool. I'm pretty sure I forgot week 17 completely. I'll get there and you can catch up on the series sometime if you like in my flickr set. This week's theme is "a need for speed". I would use one of these except technically they were taken one day too early. That seems to happen a lot, but I like the practice of going out and looking for one good intentional shot. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a specific idea. Sometimes I get the shot I planned and sometimes, more often than not, I get something totally unexpected. Downtown Pensacola on Friday night was one of those not-what-I-expected times that made for some great pictures.
classics at sunset

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