Friday, April 8, 2011

in which I incorporate some random pictures of cake pops

cake pops
We're home! We left a cold and rainy Virginia last weekend and drove right back into that cold rain this evening. We watched the temperature drop over twenty degrees on the way home. With all the trees in bloom, it looks more like spring at least.
Tonight as we were unpacking, Tristan actually started crying because he "wanted to still be in Florida". Poor kid, I guess that means he had a good time. The rest of us were sad to leave the beach too, especially Shawn who has to head out at 3am tomorrow for 29 Palms.
I promised Tristan that we would find some fun things to do this week (ahem, like school), reminded him that we have a trip to see his buddy Peter in North Carolina coming up, and after that dad will be home and his cousins will come visit for Easter. We'll even get to celebrate Beau's second birthday here. I can't wait to try my hand at these cake pops Sara showed me how to make (see how I just made sense of the seemingly totally unrelated photos in this post?)
Tomorrow I plan to unpack, clean sand out of things I didn't know were sandy, edit photos while the kids catch up on all those missed naps (yeah right), and drink coffee while sifting through a week of Washington Posts. Some good energy burning hours at the park are also definitely in order. We have a full plate this month, so I'm thinking a take-it-easy Saturday is just the thing.
Have a great weekend! Turn off the news, eat some cake pops -whatever it takes!


  1. We can't wait!!! We are counting down to the North Carolina adventure!!!!

  2. Glad you're back home safely. I always miss you when you're gone.

  3. That was fast! Glad you had a good time! I'm longing for a little beach time, myself.

  4. Love your new blog picture. I've been wanting to make cake pops because they are SO yummy, but they look like way too much work. Did you think so?

  5. they *seemed* really easy but then again, Sara, with all her creative skill, makes a LOT of things look really easy so mine could very likely end up being cake flops :)


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