Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday night's train of thought

i like him
He's out in the desert and I miss him. It's really quiet. I'm tired and I should just go to bed but I'm bad about staying up late for no reason at all when he's not here.
So, hello.
jars of colorful sprinkles!
I turned up Madeleine Peyroux on Napster and the quiet is a little more friendly now. Scrolling through pictures of kids on the beach last week, tagging some to post later, I remember I still have these pictures from Georgetown to share.
Georgetown street
I really want to get up to D.C. this week to see what's left of the cherry blossoms and stake out good portrait spots around the memorials. The weather has been all over the place lately (which explains the flip-flops and winter hats jumbled together by the door.)
little piece of chocolate joy
My birthday is on Friday, so I'm treating myself to a trip to North Carolina. I get to hang out in Christy's cozy house once more before she sells it and heads out west. We plan to wander through some antique shops along with Mary and Tammy just like we did last year. (There are front row seats waiting at the circus as well, but I haven't told the kids yet.)
sara's happy place
I would love to score some colorful dessert plates and glasses to accent my cabinet full of white ware. I want them to be old and cheap though, not expensive and only-looks-old, like these at anthropologie (although if they were cheap, I'd take them too.)
I should remember to take more pictures in shops.
Sara, I wish you didn't live so far away and we could take regular photo walks together. I'm much more brave with a photog friend at my side. One day, girl.
biscotti in bw
And now that I've taken my little photo tour of Georgetown all over again, I really really want a cupcake. (Another reason it would be nice to live closer to Sara. The girl can make cake.)
Earlier tonight, before the quiet and the missing Shawn and the sitting here with pictures, I had a bunch of girlfriends come over to hang out. The kids ran wild in the basement while we talked and snacked around the table (and I ate one two three chocolate chip cookies which is why I don't need that cupcake at. all.) I am struck suddenly with gratitude, thinking about Sara, my dearest college friend, Christy and the girls I've known since we were all just baby marine wives in Whiting Pines, and now a neighborhood full of amazing women that I pray will remain close even as we all stuff our homes back into boxes and trucks next month.
cute Sara
I have been richly blessed with good friends (the first of which is that great guy up there in photo 1), and the uncounted blessings that have come with each one of them.
They are so much more than I deserve.


  1. Oh girl, there is no doubt that all of your friends (myself most certainly included) would claim that you are one of our most treasured friends. You are able to bless others abundantly just by being you. {There is so much more I could say...}
    I had to laugh at that last photo, mainly just remembering what was going on in that moment. That poor guy...getting bombarded with South Texas "charm" and trying to convince him to let "just two more" customers in the door!!! Props to him for standing firm. That punk. ;)

  2. i loved this post. the way you wrote about your friendships made me think of my dear friends who i miss and wish were closer. have a wonderful time in n.c. we're all headed up that way next month!


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