Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february still

February snuck in the back door, cold and quiet while we were wrapped up in bread dough, tangled yarn, paper hearts and flashcards. Our days are full, yet so often lacking the most important things.
Thanksgiving. Joy. Peace. Still. Listening. Waiting. Patience.
I shove them in a closet or save them for later. There is laundry to fold.
winter sky
Some things are there, filling the spaces between sunrise and sunset but we don't see. We miss what we don't look for.
Grace. Love. Blessing. Gifts. Words. Answers.
I fret grimy fingerprints on walls while sin-stains set into my heart. I mistake fire for Light and stumble in darkness.
February is here and we're going to sit with her, quiet. We're going to listen more, say thanks more, smile and laugh as we take our time more.
Here, in this space, in this month, I'll let pictures do the talking as I let my own words be few.


  1. Funny how that same verse came to my own mind today while dealing with my thoughts on being "the middle-man" in family drama. Ugh. Can I put that in a closet and ignore it as well? Probably not... but as I hold my tongue, you can bet that I'll be whispering prayers and petitions for wisdom and grace in what words are indeed said when the time is right.
    Oooh, deep thought for a comment on your blog. ;) Sorry...
    Anyhow what I was about to comment on before clicking on the link to the verse in Ecclesiastes was that your prose reminded me of a collection of carefully metered thoughts and rhyming words that are sitting in a spiral-bound book in my nightstand. A book that was given to me by the author, a dear friend, about a decade ago. So happy to see you sharing your creative, meaningful thoughts... in addition to your breathtaking photos.
    Love you and miss you, dear friend.

  2. Great post Kelli- and so true!! "We miss what we don't look for." Life is so precious and fleeting. Why do I sweat the small stuff?! Thanks for the reminder:)

    Hugs to the gang,

  3. Wow, beautifully said!!! So profound. Thanks for sharing!!!! Mmmm...inspired!!!


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