Thursday, February 17, 2011

a day for kate

good morning, Katie bear
do you know what today is?
painting in the sunshine
it's gorgeous and sunny and warm
birthday girl
it's staying in pj's as long as you want
birthday girl
and sitting on the table without getting into trouble
new toys
it's a day for attention and extra hugs and gifts
and a brother and sister who suddenly love to share
a birthday dinner
it's homemade pizza (that you love) and salad (that you throw on the floor)
and lemon cream cupcakes with two candles
(I made them yellow so they'd be bright and sunny like you)
kate & 'beebie'
it's those purple sneaks and bare legs at the park with your new 'beebie'
it's the perfect day to celebrate you, little one
and the sunshine you've been bringing to our every day since you were born

we love you every day, silly bear
happy second birthday ~ m


  1. Love this! Happy Birthday, beautiful Kate!!

  2. Happy birthday from us, Katey-kate! (Can't believe our babies are turning two.)

  3. Happy birthday, Miss Kate!

    Your house looks so bright and cheery and happy, Kelli. I do plan on visiting once I get a bit less home bound up here.

  4. So sweet! I love your birthday posts. :)
    Katie bug, I hope you had a great birthday! Looks like you did! How did two years fly by so quickly?


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