Sunday, February 13, 2011

this afternoon we...

choices choices
painting together
february sunshine


  1. I am just far too scared to let Elizabeth any where near paint at home. School, yes, have at it, but home...what is the secret?

  2. Kristin,
    no secret really, Kristin -just washable paint, a craft table, an old tshirt and a drop cloth :)
    when it gets warm I like to watch a diapered toddler go at it with paint OUTSIDE and the big kids have a good collection of grubby clothes that are meant for stains. I figure grass stained, paint stained, popsicle stained clothes = Happy Kids.

  3. I like Kenna's shirt:o) I wore this one just a few days ago...haha!

  4. wow, I ca't believe you could even recognize it! I got paint on that shirt at a banner party a long time ago so it's been a painting shirt ever since.
    You know, Shawn still has a green pt shirt with 'CAPPS' on that back! :)


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